Playlist Push

This site is for anyone who manages their music library using foobar2000 (fb2k) to store local music files and play offline. If you create and manage playlists on fb2k, and share them on Sonos, or smartphone music players such as Musicolet or through services such as Soundiiz, then this site has tools that may help. The component and services are provided free of charge.

foobar2000 (fb2k) Component

To use this service you need to install the Playlist Push fb2k component to help manage the playlists you have created:

  • Automatically save fb2k playlists when they are changed.
  • Existing playlist formats (FPL, M3U, and M3U8) supported as well as a new JSON format.
  • Save playlists to multiple locations.
  • Upload playlists to this web service for download or sharing.

PL-Push Web Service

Register to get an API token so that you can publish playlists from fb2k to the web:

  • Publish FPL or M3U playlists on web for download.
  • Publish JSON playlists on web for auto sync with Soundiiz and share with Youtube, Amazon, Apple, Spotify and Tidal etc.
  • Track changes to playlists and receive notifications on devices.
  • Full control over which playlists are published and shared.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

The web site is available as an app for installation on any smartphone, tablet or computer used for listening to your music. Once installed the app will send push notifications when playlists are updated so that you are prompted to download and import the playlists to your music player.

Terms of Service

Please read the terms of service before using this service. The service is free to use subject to the service not being abused.